Saturday, September 29, 2012

Healthy And Fit In 2 Weeks

It seems that nowadays each year sees the launch of a new diet solution product that is designed to bring about the so much wanted fit and healthy body. As you might suspect this year is no different, around spring people start to look for ways to lose weight they put on during the winter month or in the recent years. From the hyped up launches of these products to alternative and common sense solutions, losing weight is drawing much attention again. This article will explore the many exciting aspects of getting healthy and fit, the great method to achieve that and its impending impact on your body.
Like many mass marketed products from companies, weigh loss products promise that you achieve results within a short time frame only by popping in some pastilles every day without you changing your lifestyle or actively taking part in your progress towards health and fitness. We have seen how these "wonders of the year" quickly fade away to give place to a new, more exciting and promising "discovery of the year" solution leaving you feeling bitter and frustrated, what's more blaming yourself for not achieving what those advertised exceptional people claim. While there have been many reasons for following these trends, people have realised that these products don't usually bring results to the masses.
The ever green common sense solution is to eat less and exercise more. It's easy to say but how can it be implemented in one's everyday life? - you might ask. What exactly are the steps I personally have to take to see results? After failing with several magic products these questions are logical to ask. So maybe there is no magic pushbutton solution people want to believe in so hard... I'm sure a lot of people have given up hope that they can ever lose weight and be healthy and fit again. The good news is: they CAN achieve their dreams by turning their attention to alternative solutions that have worked for more than 7000 years. The best example of this is Chikong (Qigong, Chi Kung)
This method which has worked for such a long time brings results within the first 2 weeks. There is no magic pill involved in it - instead you must take part, actively be involved in order to achieve health and fitness. By this time after failing with so many programs I am sure you realized you have to take action as well. What is fantastic about Chikong is that with a little action from your part - that you actually enjoy doing within days - your body start transforming and you will see great results within the first 2 weeks of your involvement.
As you can probably tell by now you have to actively take your health into your hands instead of going for the new shiny magic pill. As you might suspect it is anticipated that more and more people realise this truth and start turning towards those methods that have worked for thousands of year. They will enjoy getting their health back, being fit and full of energy and a result of this enjoying their lives.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Health and Fitness Fairy to Wave Her Magic Wand

If you could have just one wish granted that related to your health and well being what would it be?
o Be stronger and fitter
o Have a great slim, firm body
o No worries about developing some dreaded disease
o Feel more self-confidence
o Be more relaxed and de-stressed
o Have more endurance and stamina
o Be more alert and focused
o Feel happier and more accepting with your lot in life
o Live longer and have a higher quality of life
The good news don't need the magic fairy with her wand to grant you any of these wishes. You can have all of the wonderful benefits listed above and not have to wait for that fairy to pay you a visit.
You are now saying so, what is it and how do I get all of these things in my life?
The simple answer is 'proper exercise'.
But I hear you say "I hate exercise".
And the answer to this is: "Change your mindset".
Whether you like to exercise or not doesn't really matter. It is simply not an option but a choice and that choice is totally dependent on you. Somehow you need to change the "I hate" to "I love" to exercise. Tell yourself it makes you feel good, it will help you lose that excess body fat, it will help you be a calmer and saner person, it will make you live longer and the list goes on and on. Whatever it takes is what you need to do.
To be able to improve your life in every way and be the person you are meant to be means you must include proper physical activity into your life. If you don't feel this is necessary and that you can get by without it you are simply cheating yourself. Your life cannot be complete without proper exercise and to start making your life better this is the place to start.
Every one of us needs proper regular exercise. It is our natural state to be fit, strong and energetic. If we are not in this state we cannot function properly, either physically or mentally. We might get by without it in our younger days, but as the years pass the toll it takes will make itself apparent in many different negative ways. It will get to the point where the deterioration and degeneration will impact life greatly as the downward spiral accelerates.
It is so much easier to take charge and take action to guard against this. If you are new to exercise or do not understand what proper exercise means seek the help of a fitness professional. If you fail to do your program correctly, or fail to use the right exercise such as strength training exercise you will not get the results you hope to get. It is way more than simply going for a walk. We all have legs and we all walk but this will not give you significant anti aging health and wellness benefits.
If you have never experienced how good for your inner sense of wellbeing you can get from a regular exercise program you have something great to look forward too. It will become so much easier to be the person you want to be. You will soon have more energy and vitality, a better mind set and attitude to everything in life and a gentler calmer disposition.
If you can learn to love exercise and how it makes you feel, you will not have to force yourself and will want to actually do it. This can happen little by little over a period of time. Allow yourself to have this gift and in return you will have access to your health and fitness wish list.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Health and Fitness in Young Children

It's tougher to raise kids today than it was even 10 years ago. Parents now are concerned about diet and exercise as well as kids' safety and development. There are many articles in the news and on TV telling us about the childhood obesity epidemic. The concern is growing because we've created a lifestyle which encourages all of us to sit - in front of the TV, in front of the computer, in front of the Play Station. Every child - even toddlers - needs to get at least 60 minutes of active play every day. It's scary when you read that kids today get less than 15 minutes of vigorous exercise a day, drinks more than 20 ounces of soda pop, and spends more than 20% of their time watching television. No wonder our kids are less fit and more fat than children from the 1960s.
The figures about obesity in children are startling. In only one state, Michigan, 33% of the girls and 34% of the boys are considered overweight. The national average is 29%. And 36% of those boys and girls have elevated cholesterol levels too, which is 11-18% higher than the U.S. average. Nationwide, our kids are developing adult diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. We believe our toddlers are active all day because they wear US out, right? In fact, in nursery schools or daycare, they spend most of their time sitting! Our kids need to develop a healthier lifestyle, getting more exercise at the same time they are adopting healthier eating habits. Everyone in America is at risk for these health problems due to our poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles. Our kids learn by playing, and when they play, they imitate what they see adults do. Being a good example naturally is the best way of teaching your children.
Our kids learn by playing, and when they play, they imitate what they see adults do. Being a good example naturally is the best way of teaching your children. Showing them how to eat right and get more exercise is crucial today. The percentage of overweight and obese kids has more than doubled over the past 30 years. Even thought many factors contribute to this epidemic, our children spend too much time sitting around - a LOT more than they used to. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average child watches nearly 3 hours of TV a day - making 5 1/2 hours of sitting per day after adding time spent on video games, computers etc.The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) says that children under 2 years of age watch no TV and kids over 2 and above watch only 1-2 hours.
How much exercise is enough? All kids 2 and above need 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise most days of the week (preferable all days). Stretching exercises help improve flexibility, allowing muscles and joints to bend and move easily through the full range of motion. Kids look for opportunities every day to stretch when they try to get a toy just out of reach, practice a split, or do cartwheels. Climbing exercises improves coordination and planning skills.
Kids who get more exercise sleep better, learn better and are healthier. If you as a parent add regular activity into your daily routines, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, is key to instilling in your children the way to a healthier lifestyle. Keep it fun and you can count on that your child will come back for more.